[править] The rules of the auction of the gold mines

Any user in whose account there is a clone of the social status other than the status of "Serf", which educated as Geologist, can participate in the auction.

Gold mines are offered for sale by the State of the Land of Clones, as far as they finding by state geologists.

Trading period - the period of time in hours and minutes during which the lot is selling. The maximum period of time for the sale of the lot is 48 hours. After the specified period, if no bids for the lot was not done, the gold mine re-auctioned, and the trade on it are performed repeatedly, and this is so as long as gold mine will not be redeemed.

If in the last 5 minutes of the trading period one of the players makes a bid, the trading period for this lot is extended for another 5 minutes.

A "step" is the amount of money or resources that will increase the current value of a lot when a player bids on it.

The bid can be either in gold coins, or in gold eggs, or in silver eggs. The next bid takes into account the size of the step. The current bid is indicated on the desired button (in gold and silver eggs, gold coins). In order to place a bid, just click on the corresponding bid button. The bid in gold and silver eggs is calculated based on their nominal value.

The next bid will increase the current value of the lot by one step. To make a bid, you need to have the right amount of gold coins (or eggs). You can make a bid by using the "Bid" button.

You can raise your own bid without restrictions.

Once you have placed a bid, the amount of the bid is reserved. It will be finally withdrawn after the purchase of the corresponding lot. If your bid is outbid by the other player, the previously reserved bid will be returned to you.

If at the end of the auction you have bought the gold mine, you will not be able to cancel the transaction.

The purchased gold mine is arrived to the clone who made the purchase. It will appear within 5-10 minutes after the end of trading.

After purchase the gold mine, no reverse actions related to the return is not provided. The clone begins to work on the purchased gold mine according to the rules.

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