[править] Ship's equipment on a cruise

You can choose one of several directions of sailing to send a ship on a journey to distant shores. To select the direction and change the cruise settings, click the "Edit" button.

Clones that have gone to distant shores on your ship bring flowers or roots (one or two - randomly), that are necessary ingredients for different magical potions:


In order to go on a long voyage, it is necessary to load provisions on board on the vessel in an amount that corresponds to at least 3300 energy units for a vessel with 10 seats, 14890 energy units for a vessel with 50 seats and 29775 energy units for a vessel with 100 seats. In this case, the owner of the ship can choose any ratio of food for loading. The owner can load more food than is required (maximum is not limited), clones will eat it with gratitude during the journey. Please note that clones do not replenish their energy during the journey.

Provision is not refundable at the end of the cruise.

After a vessel being equipped, it is necessary to assign a ticket price. You can set the price for tickets, but it cannot be less than 0.1 gold.

You can also set the amount of money for a lottery among passengers, which is carried out automatically after the completion of the cruise.

The general lottery fund cannot exceed 70% of the total fee for tickets, and will be paid out from the owner's profit of the ticket sales.

[править] Selling tickets

You can choose who to sell tickets - only their own clones, or everyone. First you need to start selling only to your clones. As soon as you send the desired number of your clones to the cruise (or immediately, if you do not want to send your clones), you can start selling tickets to everyone. In any case, the sale will be carried out at the price that you set in the process of equipping the vessel.

[править] Sailing

Every time you send a ship to a cruise, you increase the rating of your ship. The rating is equal to the amount of the fee for tickets. The rating affects the place of a pleasure craft on the general list: the higher the rating and the bigger the prize, the higher the line that the ship occupies on the list.

Cruise to distant lands begins with the sale of the last ticket and continues for 24 hours.

During voyage, clones that are on the board of the ship cannot work in the state or private enterprises. Wages are not paid, working tools and energy are not spent, and reprimands are not issued. If a clone that went to a cruise, works in a private enterprise, then during the cruise he does not produce any products.

After the cruise is over, your ship returns to the pier and is ready to start again.

[править] Cancellation of tickets sales

You can cancel the tickets sales, even if some of them have already been sold to vacationers (including your own clones). In this case, you will only have to return the cost of the sold tickets. In addition, your vessel will be blocked for 24 hours before the next journey will be coordinated with the port administration.

In case of stopping tickets sales, you can only change the price of the ticket and / or the amount of the prize, it is impossible to cancel the journey completely (the ship will remain fully equipped for navigation in the direction chosen earlier, the spent products will be preserved).

You cannot cancel tickets sales if all tickets are sold.

[править] Distribution of ticket fees

Gold coins, that comes from tickets sales, are piled up and paid at the end of the cruise as follows:

  • 70% - to the owner of the ship
  • 1% - to Charity Reserve
  • 1% - to the Treasury of the Land of Clones
  • 5% - to the bonus reserve of Port Employees

If the prize fund was set up, the owner of the ship will receive a profit with a deduction of this amount.