[править] Regulations of Working at the Newspaper

In the State Newspaper, clones with the status of a craftsman can try themselves out as reporters.

The task of a reporter is to write interesting, burning, analytical articles in the newspaper. For this, use the "Your office" section. If your article will appeal to the chief editor, then it will be published in the newspaper and you will be rewarded a prize.

This prize will depend on the chief editor's evaluation. The maximal prize at the moment consists of 10 gold coins, which are paid out to the author and to the editor in proportions imposed by the chief editor.

If you are interested in working for the newspaper and you enjoy writing articles, then your articles will be loved and anticipated by the inhabitants of the World of Clones - then you will doubtlessly get noticed and you will be offered the chief editor position.

The editor's task consists in reading, analyzing, evaluating and editing articles submitted by reporters, as well as finding interesting article topics. The editor can also write articles himself.

If the editor, within the day, comes up with an interesting idea for an article topic, he can put it up for common access. Apart from the subjects proposed by the editors, you can write an article on one of the hot topics, events or create an analytical forecast of your choice.

A complete article is sent by a reporter to the editorial office for evaluation. If your article is interests the editorial office, then it is taken by one of the editors, edited if necessary and sent to the Editor in Chief. If the author of the article happens to also be an editor, he may send his article directly to the Chief Editor.

The Chief Editor receives articles, from editors, that are ready for release and circulation (which he can edit if necessary). Based on the outcome, he/she sets the award to the editor and author of the article. After the Chief Editor's approval of the article, it is published in the World of Clones Newspaper, along with the author's and editor's nicknames.

The reward for the article is successfully received on the author and editor's game account(s), which is accompanied by an internal message alert.

Unlike any other game subject, the Golden Clone Newspaper will evolve, but its development will depend on the initiative and work of all the reporters and editors. With the growth of newspaper's popularity, the newspaper's employees' bonuses will grow.

[править] Questions & Answers

Question Will I get paid for my trial article?
Answer This can happen if the editor in chief likes your article and it is published in the newspaper.
Question Will I be paid if the article above is long?
Answer Not necessarily. First of all, the remuneration size depends on the quality of work. The article should really interest the players, and this is not usually achieved by a large number of letters in an article, but rather by specific ideas and writing style.
Question What are the criteria by which articles are selected among the rest of the articles written on the same topic?
Answer In order for your article to hit the paper, try to writing it quickly, and above all – with quality.

[править] Additional Assignments at the State Newspaper

Dear reporters and editors! According to the adopted bills in the State Duma of the Land of Clones, the following proposals have been made:

  • The chief editor selects and offers one of the online resources, which in one way or another concerns a discussion about our virtual world, however where the description is incomplete or the subject is not deployed enough. Assignments/tasks are situated in the "Editors Article Topics".
  • Reporters and editors are invited to complete the proposed online resource with an objective description of the World of Clones - what this game means, its distinctive features, its advantages and disadvantages, according to the author's opinion.
  • An objective description may be submitted by players who are no longer beginners. Therefore, the authors are required to be no younger than 1 year of age, and whose social status is no lower than that of a burgess. The player is invited to leave his personal review on behalf of the clone, in order to identify the author in the prospect of a payment reward. You do not have to register using the same name - you can just specify it directly in the text of the review.
  • The chief editor appoints the work time limit on the proposed Internet site work, e.g., 3 days to give in a certain assignment. After this time interval, the editor in chief is views the description, left by the players on the current internet site, and pays out rewards to the authors. The fee is imposed by the chief editor. The more interesting and valuable the description of the author, the higher the remuneration he/she receives.
  • If the author does not meet the requirements, in order to have his/her description remunerated, but still has the ambitious and insatiable desire to receive it, the author can leave his review for free.
  • If the author sees that a given online marketplace is already full of information about the World of Clones by previous authors and is not in need of further extension, then he refrains from writing any further similar descriptions, and has to wait for new assignments.

P.S. Praising odes, in this case, are not appropriate. Our goal is to complete the proposed information resource on the World of Clones, so that readers may get accurate and complete information. Friends, let us jointly fill in the open spaces of the Internet with accurate information on the world of clones. After all, the reality is that we can brief on a great amount of things, as our virtual world is almost 10 years old!