[править] Employment and Managing Several Jobs

State-owned enterprises provide an enormous number of jobs for your clones!

There are different types of enterprises. In order to get hired at some of them, your clone is required to have the necessary tool to exercise his/her job. In some enterprises, your clone is only checked on his/her education or on the characteristics required there. In other enterprises, appropriate characteristics will be spent by him. To find out the requirements of a particular enterprise, move your cursor to the job title.

In some State-owned enterprises of the World of Clones, employment requires expertise. Expertise can be obtained by exchanging your experience, reasonableness or charisma, as well as other skills on the "Characteristic Exchange" University page. The development of the "Intention" characteristic will increase the level of all the clone's expertise.

If the enterprise has available vacancies and the characteristics of your clone (status, skill(s)/ characteristic(s) ) meet the requirements for the position of the device, the button next to the job title will be in blue. Do not forget to buy the necessary tool(s) before taking the job, by clicking the Instrument button. The durability of the tool is measured in days of work on each enterprise, which requires this tool. For example, when the clone works as porter at the fair and as a laborer at the convoy artel at the same time, he will spend 2 units of tool's durability daily.

Working in state enterprises, you may combine several positions in various companies, but you may only take up one job per enterprise.

Work in state enterprises can not be combined with private enterprises.

Attention! During the combination of several jobs, a clone spends one daily norm of work efficiency, corresponding to his social status, in each job he uptakes. Exceptions - the Embassy, where work efficiency is not burnt, and some enterprises, where it is separately specified that working there requires extra work efficiency expenditure. Monitor your work efficiency to make sure you have the sufficient amount available in the clone or at the canteen. If your clone will not have enough work efficiency to carry out his duties, then he will not receive his salary and experience (not wasting away his tool). Furthermore, after three days of complaints and reprimands, your clone will be fired.

There is an opportunity to move up the career ladder almost everywhere around you - the greater the number of special features of your clone in his lower positions, the greater the chances for him to step up a notch and get a higher salary at the end of the day. Read more on the rules of each enterprise by clicking on its name, followed by clicking of the "Help" tab.

[править] Salary and Experience

While working, not only does a clone receive his salary every day, but also a certain amount of experience points. Experience is an important characteristic, because it can be exchanged for reasonability, charisma or skills.

Experience and other characteristics are very important for clones. Thanks to them, your clone can expect, for instance, a prestigious working place or to receive additional bonuses in enterprises. The better the characteristics and the higher the status, the more opportunities open up to your clone.

Combining several jobs, a clone receives a salary and experience points from all enterprises. Статистика работников

[править] Worker Statistics

In each State enterprise, you can go to the "Rating", where you can see the salary levels of a particular enterprise, the day before.

In each vacancy, an employee is selected with the lowest number of features and the best worker with the highest characteristics. It indicates their latest salary and the specific characteristics having had an impact on it.