Land of Clones University - a training center for all civil professions, from geology to surgery. It is a place where the wisest people of our state mingle and work together.

The State University is open to everyone who wishes to study and work there. Many residents take up work as assistants and senior assistants to eventually become a respected professor.

The "General Information" tab contains detailed information on all the services provided by the University.

Make sure you read the "Questions and Answers" sections. The tech-support experts have prepared this section based on the most frequently asked questions by users. Besides that, you can always directly address any questions that may come up to the tech support service team.

First of all, the University is a repository of knowledge and many respected professors will be more than happy to share their own knowledge with you for a small fee. By sharing what they know with a clone, they will increase the reasonableness characteristic of a clone.

The teachers list indicates how many free academic hours each teacher has available to devote to your clone, as well as each teacher's fee per academic hour.

A clone's indicators change immediately after the tuition fee is paid.

A clone whose work efficiency is below 0 (or clone from account, where there are clones with work efficiency below 0), cannot learning from a teacher.

[править] Training Reasonableness

On the "Development of Characteristics and Knowledge - Acquiring reasonableness" page, there is a list of all the Land of Clones University teachers, involved in the training of reasonableness. You may choose any free teacher you like and buy the amount of academic hours that corresponds to the level of reasonableness that you would like to reach. (but not exceeding the teacher's availability limit).

Your clone will receive 1 unit of reasonableness for every virtual academic hour of training.

If all teachers are busy on a particular day, and your clone is in need of reasonableness units, you can always turn to the good old wise man, the exchanger, and gain knowledge from him through individual training.

You may also exchange experience or charisma units for reasonableness units in the university's "Characteristics Exchange" section.

[править] Rigging training

On the "Development of Performance and Knowledge - Rigging training" page, there is a list of all the Land of Clones University professors, involved in the rigging craft training. You can choose anyone of the available teachers that you like and buy as many academic hours as you need, in order to attain the desired level of expertise. (but not exceeding the amount of available teaching hours of any particular professor).

Your clone will receive 1 unit of rigging training for each academic hour.

If it just so happens that all teachers are busy on any given day, and your clone needs more Rigging training units, then you can always turn to the good old exchanger and acquire knowledge from them through individual training. The money-changer sends 20% of the individual training payment to the Captains' Fund. At the end of the day, allowance is paid out from this fund, to each clone having passed rigging training with at least 100 units. Allowances are calculated in direct proportion to a clone's development level (number of Rigging training units) Commanding a warship is not compulsory to receive your allowance.

[править] Intention training

At the University, clones can develop Intention in two ways: by attending General classes of Intention training or by studying in individual lessons.

Rules of study in General classes, see the appropriate link. In the course of individual lessons the clone can purchase an unlimited number of Intention units at a time, herewith living in the house is not required. The cost of training of 1 unit of Intention in this way is 1.5 gold coins.

[править] For Professors

Employment at the University is carried out through the "State-owned enterprises" section. Note, that it is not at all necessary to get a job at the university in order to carry out rigging training; having 100 rigging training units or higher is sufficient.

Teachers’s are free to set the price of their academic hour, ranging from 0.2 to 0.9999 gold coins in the Employment section – State Enterprises - University - Rates. The default cost is 1 gold coin per academic hour.

Tuition fees (excluding state taxes) go straight to the teacher's gaming account, right after the pupil's training session.

Each teacher pays a state fee of 0.15 gold coins from each academic hour sold.

When tax fees are payed for the training of Reasonableness, the State uses this money to pay out the following:

  • 0,005 gold coins to the Charity Fund
  • 0,065 gold coins to the University Grants Fund

When tax fees are payed for the training of Rigging, the State uses this money to pay out the following:

  • 0,005 gold coins to the University Grants Fund

The higher the teacher's reasonableness indicator, the higher is the place he occupies in the reasonableness teachers' list. In the same way, The higher the teacher's rigging training indicator, the higher is his place in the rigging training teachers' list.

The highest number of academic hours per day (H), which your teacher can devote to teaching reasonableness or rigging training depends on the amount of reasonableness or riggin training that he possesses and is calculated as follows:

H = D/50 - 1

D - Amount of any given characteristic of a teacher.

Each teacher may teach reasonableness for as many hours a day as his reasonableness indicator allows him to. Rigging training may not exceed 24 hours a day, even if the teacher's characteristics indicator allows for more hours.

Thus, for example, a professor having a minimal amount of reasonableness units (100 units), may teach reasonableness for 1 hour a day, maximum.

If your professor has, say, 370 rigging units, he will have access to: 370/50-1 = 6 hours worth of lessons per day. However, if he has 3,000 rigging units, he can then teach only 24 hours (and not 59 hours).

If the teacher has already exhausted his daily teaching limit, a "busy teaching" will appear next to his name.

[править] Questions & Answers

Question If my teacher-clone spends 1 academic hour of teaching, will his reasonableness level rise or fall?
Answer While training other clones, a teacher does not spend any of his/her own reasonableness. Apart from that, teaching does not raise his reasonableness indicator.
Question Is the number of purchased teaching hours limited?
Answer Every teacher has his own personalized daily limit of training hours. If your current teacher's limit is exhausted, you can continue your training with any other available teacher. You can be trained by an unlimited number of teachers daily, increasing your reasonableness up to an indefinite/unfixed level.

[править] Education - Professions

In this section of the University, your clone can acquire a various number of professions.

A clone acquires a profession right after placing his payment.

[править] Characteristics Exchange

You may exchange experience or charisma units for reasonableness units in the university's "Characteristics Exchange" section.

You can exchange experience, charisma or reasonableness for various skills required to work in state enterprises here.

Attention! The exchange of experience, charisma and reasonableness for knowledge – is instant and irreversible.

You can also set up an automatic exchange of experience obtained by your clone throughout his/her game activity, to a particular skill or reasonableness. To do this, first select the right skill or characteristic from the list, and then mark the appropriate checkbox. When you accumulate sufficient experience to make the exchange, it will automatically be converted to the chosen skill/characteristic at the end of the billing period.

If you don't want all of your experience to be exchanged for skills, just set the clone to a "minimal experience remainder".