Here you can process the manure of your animals into high-quality fertilizers, the use of which significantly increases the yield of agricultural fields.

[править] Manure processing and fertilizer production

There are 4 types of fertilizers, in total and for their production you will need:


Processing 1 kg of fertilizer will cost you %manure_exchange_cost% Gold coins.

The presence of the barn significantly reduces the cost of processing cattle manure in fertilizer "Smelly-Hurricane." You can read more about this advantage of the barn in the "Cattle" section. Similarly, the presence of a pigsty reduces the cost of processing pig manure into "Pig’s aroma" fertilizer, you can check detail in the "Pig-breeding" section. There are currently no advantages to the cost of processing fertilizers "Chicken Breeze" and "Good Smile".

The fee for processing manure into fertilizer goes to the State budget. The state, in turn, at the end of each working day makes payments from this budget to the following funds:

  • 30% - to the State Farm Securities Reserve
  • 20% - to the Wonder of the World "The Giant Sunflower" Reserve
  • 20% - to the Wonder of the World "The Great Ear" Reserve

You can apply fertilizer to your agricultural plots or sell it to other inhabitants of the Land of Clones at the Fair and get a cash profit for it.

For maximum, 100% fertilizer of one land plot, you will need %fertilizer_max_smelly_manure% kg of “Smelly-Hurricane” fertilizer, or %fertilizer_max_pork_scent% kg of “Pig’s aroma” fertilizer, or %fertilizer_max_chicken_breeze% kg of “Chicken Breeze” fertilizer, or 50 kg of “Good Smile” fertilizer. You can also fertilize your plots partially, but then the increase in yield will not reach a maximum level. You can read more about growing crops in your fields in the Agricultural Fields section of the game.