Welcome to the help section on breeding ordinary chickens on the Land of Clones!

Ordinary chickens are an extremely useful poultry that will not only help you feed your clones with eggs and chicken, but also bring you considerable profit.

In this help section, we will tell you how to breed chickens and make a profit from their products.

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[править] Chicken Farm

[править] Preconditions for building a chicken farm

[править] Clone's social status

First of all, it should be borne in mind that serfs and craftsmen cannot breed poultry. So, your clone must have a status of a peasant or higher to build a chicken farm.

A clone can own only one chicken farm, which can be upgraded depending on his status.

Peasants can build chicken farms only of the first and second level (for %hen_max_level1% and %hen_max_level2% chickens, respectively). But to expand production properly and start getting real income from the poultry industry, you need a clone of a status of townsman; after all, it opens up the opportunity to improve the farm up to 5th level and contain up to %hen_max_level5% chickens at the same time!

[править] Clone’s real estate

Chicken farm cannot be built in the open field; it should be near the house of your clone. It is not important what kind of house it would be. It is important that the level of development of the house be at least 1 (a dugout is not appropriate for this purpose); because the State of the Land of Clones provides land allotment even for the most modest wooden house, which means that when you buy a house you will have your own territory to organize your own production... or chicken farm maintenance.

[править] Energy expenditure

After your clone has built a chicken farm, he will start working on it and, accordingly, will spend on this work 1 unit of energy daily.

If a clone will not be able to work on a farm on a certain day because of the lack of energy, on that day he will not cope with work on the farm. In this case, the chickens consume food, but they will not produce any products.

[править] Information for owners of chicken farms of the "old sample"

If your clone has an old-style chicken farm, this clone will not be able to work on a new chicken farm. It will be necessary to make the transformation of chickens from the old chicken farm to the new-type one.

[править] Construction, repair and improvement

So, all the preconditions are met and you are ready to build a chicken farm. The table below will let you know about the cost of building farms of various capacities.


Like some other buildings on the Land of Clones, your chicken farms need periodic maintenance, namely, every %hen_yard_days_until_repair%. The amount of resources spent on repairs depends on the level of your farm. Of course, the larger the farm, the more resources will be needed to put it in order. Without repair the farm will not be able to work properly, i.e. chickens will not be able to produce any products. In this case, the energy units of clone are not withdrawn, but the chickens will consume food when it is available in the feeder.

However, you do not need to personally repair your chicken farm. You can activate the "Auto repair in case of breakage" function. In this case, the repair of the chicken farm will be carried out automatically if the clone owner of the corresponding chicken farm has the necessary resources at the time of the need for repairs. Automatic purchase of resources for the repair of the chicken farm is not carried out. Auto repair is performed on the day following the breakdown before the product is calculated, and during the day, the status of the farm can be displayed as “Broken”. This is a normal process and does not cause interruptions in the work of the farm.


As well as any other business, poultry farming, as a rule, begins with a small step. Having built a small farm of the first or second level it can upgrade to the highest level with a capacity of %hen_max_level5% chickens as soon as your clone receives the status of a townsman! The table below shows the cost of upgrading of an each level of a chicken farm.


[править] Chicken purchase

Well, the chicken farm is built and you have only one step left to receive the products. After the chicken farm is built, use the "Buy Chickens" button, which looks like this: %buy_hen_button_image% Each chicken costs %hen_cost%. In the initially empty farm you can buy exactly %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% chickens. If your farm already has a certain number of chickens, then you can purchase as many chickens as you need up to %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% pieces. Increase the number of chickens on a farm of any level after %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% pcs. is impossible. More than %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% chickens can only be grown on your own at your farm. Do not forget to set the "incubating mode" %chicken_production_control% on your farm for this!

More details about the production of chickens on your chicken farm described in the "Chicken Farm Production" chapter.

[править] Feeding chickens

As with all other domestic animals on the Land of Clones, there is a certain feed ration for chickens that is optimal and ensures maximum production. In the case of chickens, consumption of %hen_ration% by one chicken per day is considered optimal.

If there is not enough cereals in the feeder of your farm, the feed ration of your chickens will become suboptimal, which means that the amount of products will decrease in proportion to the deviation from the optimal feed ration.

If the feed in the feeder of the chicken farm does not remain at all, then your chickens will begin to starve, will not produce products, but your clone will still spend one unit of energy every day to take care of them.

[править] The circumstances affecting chickens in chicken farms

Ordinary chickens on the Land of Clones are subject to different life processes. As in the real world, such life processes cannot be predicted. There are only probabilities of the occurrence of certain events.

The table below contains the calculation of such probabilities for a farm with a maximum livestock of %hen_max_level1% chickens:

Event Description Probability of occurrence
Death of one of the chickens on the farm because of old age %hen_die_age_percent%%
Сhicken was stolen by a fox, kite or thief %hen_die_steal_percent%%
Death of one of the chickens due to illness %hen_die_sick_percent%%

With a maximum population of %hen_max_level1% chickens on the farm, no more than 1 event of each type can occur per one day. The number of possible events will increase in proportion to the increase in the number population of your farm.

Specialists of the State Farm have developed a special feed ration, which significantly increases the resistance of chickens to diseases. If each chicken on the farm will additionally receive 0.05 kg of linum daily in addition to the basic ration, the probability of the disease is reduced from %hen_die_sick_percent%% to 10%.

To prevent the death of chickens from old age or their theft is impossible. However, chickens do not die from the disease if there is an adequate supply of the Chicken Health potion in the feeder. Read more about the use and effect of this potion in the "Chicken Health Potion" chapter below.

[править] Questions and answers

Question How many chicken farms can my clone build?
Answer Only one. It may seem a bit ... but the first impression is deceptive. You can create an unlimited number of clones, each of which can have a chicken farm.
Question Where does energy come from for building and upgrading a chicken farm?
Answer When building a chicken farm, a check is made that the clone’s personal energy is sufficient. If there is not enough personal energy, then the missing energy is consumed from the Canteen.
Question After I built a chicken farm, one additional unit of energy began to be written off from my clone daily. Why?
Answer After your clone has built a chicken farm, it will start working on it and, accordingly, will spend on this work 1 unit of energy daily.
Question What happens if I forget to repair a chicken farm?
Answer In this case, the products are not produced, the energy of the clone is not withdrawn, but the chickens continue to consume food from the feeder, if it is available there.
Question And what if, due to natural causes, the number of my chickens decreases, say, to 13. Can I buy additional chickens to the minimum threshold level - %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% pcs.?
Answer Of course you can! Even if you have not followed the livestock for a long time, and you have no chickens left on the farm, you can always purchase the necessary number of them up to %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% pcs. But if you want to have more than %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% chickens - you will need to breed them on your own on the farm.

[править] Production of the Chicken Farm

One of the key features of the work of chicken farms on Land of Clones is the ability to manage production; it is all in your hands. Be sure to pay attention to the two controls in the section of the chicken farm, labeled with such images: %eggs_production_button_image% and %chicken_production_button_image%. The first one means that you collect all the eggs produced on the chicken farm and they automatically transported to the bag of the clone. The second means that you do not want to collect the eggs; you leave them for incubation until the chicks are hatch.

Production of all types of products increases in proportion to the increase in the number of chickens in your farm.

Remember that chickens make production only if they have enough feed.

[править] Egg production

Each chicken on your chicken farm will carry one egg every 48 hours averagely. Simple calculations will help you understand what to expect from your chicken farm, depending on its level, in terms of egg production:


The egg production of chickens slightly increases when all chickens on the farm receive a special diet, which includes linum. If, in addition to the basic ration, each chicken will receive 0.05 kg of linum per day, then there is a possibility of getting additional products:

The number of chickens on the farm The number of additional eggs
20 chickens from 0 to 2
40 chickens from 0 to 4
60 chickens from 0 to 8
80 chickens from 0 to 12
100 chickens from 0 to 16

In egg production mode, all eggs from the chicken farm transported into the bag of your clone. Next, you can cook them and serve it to your clones in the Canteen. 1 egg will fill your clones with 3 units of energy. This is a great way to maintain their energy at the proper level. In addition, you can simply sell eggs at the Commodities Market of the Trade Guild.

[править] Increase numbers of Livestock

In this mode of operation of your chicken farm, all eggs remain on the farm and are incubated by chickens until chicks appear, thereby increasing the livestock and production capacity of your farm. If the farm is already filled with the maximum number of chickens, the chicks will not hatch, but the eggs will not be produced until you activate the egg production mode: %eggs_production_control%. After its activation, the production of eggs will resume and you can use them to feed your clones or for sale.


And finally, do not forget that if you have less than %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% chickens, you can always buy chickens up to %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% in order to proportionally increase the production of all types of products. Read more about this in the "Chicken Farm" chapter.

[править] Chicken manure

Chicken manure is produced in any mode of operation of the chicken farm. The more chickens you have, the greater the quantity of manure will be produced daily, because each of them produces %manor_production% a day. Chicken manure can be processed into wonderful "Chicken Breeze" fertilizer for your agricultural fields in the "Manure and Fertilizers" section.

The cost of processing chicken manure: You give for processing 7 kg of chicken manure, pay 0.002 gold coins and get 1 kg of fertilizer "Chicken Breeze".

If for any reason you do not wish to fertilize your own fields with this wonderful fertilizer, you can sell it at the Fair. Chicken manure can also be sold there if you don’t want to process them yourself.

[править] Chicken meat

You can send your chickens for a slaughter to the Meat Processing Plant and get %meat_process_production% for each chicken. This feature will become active as soon as there are at least 40 chickens in your chicken farm. Chicken can be cooked and served in the Canteen as food for your clones. 1 kg of chicken will fill your clones with 65 units of energy. Processing each chicken at the Meat Processing Plant costs %meat_process_cost%. In the section of your chicken farm there is a special button for sending chickens to the Meat Processing Plant: %meat_plant_button_image%.

And finally, you can simply sell the chicken meat at the Commodities Market of the Trade Guild.

[править] Chicken Farm as a commodity

The chicken farm itself is also a commodity. At the State Farm's Bird Market, you can sell an empty farm as well as a farm, along with the chickens, for gold coins to another player.

[править] Features of the exchange of chicken farm for Coupons of the State Farm

When exchanging a chicken farm for the State Farm coupons, you will receive 3 coupons for each chicken that you send to the State Farm Pound. At the same time, the more chickens you have on your farm at the time of the exchange, the more coupons you will receive. Details are in the table below.


By exchanging chickens for coupons of the State Farm, you exchange them along with the chicken farm.

Coupons can be used to purchase State Farm securities at an auction of securities or exchanged for super feed. The initial price of 1 State Farm security at the Securities Auction is %document_state_farm_cost%. In addition, coupons can be sold at the Commodities Market of the Trade Guild.

[править] Questions & Answers

Question Is there a limit on the amount of chicken manure processed by the Department of Biotechnology?
Answer No, there are no such restrictions. You can handle as much chicken manure as you need.
Question If I sell a chicken farm is it sold with the house that attached to it?
Answer No. Chicken farm sold separately. The house remains.
Question How long does it takes for a chick become a chicken?
Answer Chick hatch already full-fledged chicken and produces products on a par with the rest of the chickens of the farm.

[править] Potions for ordinary chickens

[править] "Chicken Health" potion

Sick chickens die only if there is no right medicine in the farm feeder, namely, the Chicken Health potion.

If there is such a potion at the time of the disease, your chicken will recover and continue to produce products for you. If the potion is not at this point in the feeder - your chicken will die from the disease.

Potion is made in the Magicians' Tower. The minimum production batch is 1 box, in which %chicken_elixir_count_in_barrel%.

Cost and ingredients for making 1 box of Chicken Health potion:


If you do not want to collect the ingredients for the manufacture of the potion, you can always buy it from other players at the Fair. Or vice versa - if you produced a lot of potion, you can sell its surplus at the Fair. At the Fair potion is sold by bottles.

[править] Questions and answers

Question Is it possible to buy a box of potion at the Fair?
Answer No, you can buy only by pieces (by bottles). The price is determines by seller himself.

[править] "Happy Farmer" Tournament

The State of the Land of Clones seeks to encourage poultry farming to stimulate the development of this industry. Of course, it only makes sense to encourage the best. To identify the best poultry farmers the "Happy Farmer" tournament was established. ALL the chicken farms of the Land of Clones participate in the tournament.

[править] Contest Nominations

The competition is held in two categories:

Nomination Nomination description
Maximum total number of eggs The maximum number of eggs laid by a chicken farm from 00:00:00 on Monday to 23:59:59 Sunday is taken into account.
Maximum total number of chicks The maximum number of chicks that was born in the chicken farm from 00:00:00 on Monday to 23:59:59 Sunday is taken into account.

[править] Prize fund

The Magicians' Tower is implementing the "Chicken Health" potion. The monetary cost of manufacturing one box of potion is 1.5 gold coins.

A part of the State income of the Land of Clones from the manufacture of the Chicken Health potion, namely, 5% of the monetary part of the total sales of the potion, is allocated to the tournament prize pool. The total prize fund is further divided into two equal parts, each of which forms a prize fund of each nomination.

[править] Prizes in each nomination

In each nomination there are 10 prize-winning places, and the prize fund of each nomination is divided into winners as follows:

Prize-winning place Percentage of the prize fund
1 35%
2 20%
3 15%
4 9%
5 6%
6 5%
7 4%
8 3%
9 2%
10 1%

If it happens that several clones will have the same values of the index at the end of the tournament, then the place above will be taken by the one who has more livestock from the chicken farm. If these indicators are equal, then the distribution of prizes of such winners will be performed in a random order.

[править] Questions and answers

Question Does the capacity indicator of a chicken farm affect the opportunity to participate in the "Happy Farmer" tournament?
Answer No, it does not. However, the more chickens in your chicken farm, the higher your chances to win.