You can choose any voyage ship on which your clone will go on a cruise to the distant shores. The voyage ship can be chosen according to its rating, the size of the prize for the winners of the lottery, ticket’s cost and other indicators. All these indicators can be seen in the summary table of voyage ships.

The ship will go on a cruise as soon as all tickets are sold out.

You can see your ticket in the "Your Tickets" list at the bottom of the "Travel and Leisure" section.

If the ship does not go on a cruise for a long time, you always can cancel your ticket. In doing so, no commissions will be charged.

On board of the ship, your clone will be able to have a good rest after work, look at the fabulously beautiful sunset, feel the gentle fresh sea breeze and, possibly, become the owner of a cash prize.

During each cruise, ship owners carry out draws for tourists on board. Prizes are awarded automatically after the cruise is over. There are 3 winners of the draw; the first winner gets 50%, the second - 30% and the third - 20% of the total prize fund, the size of which is determined by the owner of the ship.

Prizes’ distribution of can be found in the "Winnings" section at the end of the cruise and the ingredients brought from distant lands - in the "Your journey" section, as well as in the clone’s bag.

You can choose the direction of the cruise. It takes 24 hours (from the time of the last ticket was sold) for you to go on a cruise to exotic lands, there and back. Visiting various overseas countries, a clone will bring flowers or roots (one or two, randomly) with him, that are necessary ingredients for different magical potions:


During the voyage to distant shores, clones aboard the ship rest and do not work in state and private enterprises. Wages are not paid, working tools and energy are not spent, and reprimands are not issued, at the same time clones are not dismissed from the state enterprises. If a clone that went to a cruise, works in a private enterprise, then during the cruise he does not produce any products, but can be dismissed, if the owner of the administrative unit did not buy the products from the enterprise on that day. All other activities of a clone are not affected by a journey.