[править] Work and Job Opportunities for Serfs

In this section, the youngest inhabitants of the Land of Clones can find a job - clones with a social status of a Serf.

Your clone can receive servant-type tasks; in order to work as a meat cutter, a clone must dispose of 1 butcher expertise unit and to work as a builder, he must have 10 units of experience.

Expertise can be obtained through the exchange of experience, and experience is obtained through labor at state-owned enterprises (at the sawmill, the mill, the quarry or mine).

To get a job, you need to respond correctly to the gatekeeper's question, whose questions may relate to many aspects of the life in the virtual State of Clones. Any serf, seeking to become a full State member, must thoroughly understand its laws. Therefore, during the first period of time he has to intensively study the Rules and Possibilities of the Game . You may simultaneously execute each task at a time, belonging to each corresponding group.

It takes 1 hour to perform 1 task for servants and builders. As for meat cutters, it takes 15 minutes to complete 1 task.

The payment for performing a task will be granted to your account immediately after its completion.

Attention! Clones with the social status of a Serf, provided that he/she is the only clone within his account, also have the possibility to work as laborers at state-owned enterprises. Also in this case, the serf-clone may be given shelter at the Dosshouse and grow flowers on a plot of land, on his very own dugout.

[править] Questions & Answers

Question What does the "There are currently no jobs available" message mean? When will they appear?
Answer If you try to take up a task at the Labor Exchange and the system reports: "There are currently no jobs available", this means that, at the moment, task fund for the current position is empty (equal to zero).

Jobs/tasks appear as soon as this fund is replenished:

  • Meat cutters - players will have to give in chickens or cattle to the Meat Processing Plant.
  • Servants - the landlord will impose the fund and set the price of the servants' tasks.
  • Builders - the owner of the house under construction will impose the Fund and set the price for the builders' tasks.
Question I am unable to proceed to the assignment - the following error message keeps appearing "The Clone did not Cope with the Task." What am I doing wrong?
Answer In order to begin a task, you must correctly reply to the gatekeeper's question. It must be done within a limited period of time (5 minutes). The gatekeeper poses questions on the rules of the game, which you can find answers to in the Help section, in the corresponding game rules subsections. If the clone's reply is incorrect or taken more than 5 minutes to answer, then the clone has not coped with the task. A clone may then try out the next assignment; only after an hour has passed (the timer between tasks is displayed in a similar manner to the timer used during the 5-minute assignment limit).
Question My timer is displayed incorrectly before the end of the completion of my assignment.
Answer If the timer is incorrectly displayed before the end of the assignment, say, more or less than the correct 5-minute time limit, or when the timer freezes and a dash appears... this means that the time settings on your computer is configured incorrectly. Go to the time settings of your computer, set your clock to the correct time zone. Check if you need to set up an automatic switch to summer time (if not, switch it off). The time display, before the completion of your task, directly depends on the accuracy of your computer's time settings. If a dash (indicating that your timer has frozen) appears at the end of the assignment, then refresh your page - you will be able to take up your next assignment.