General Webman pays off with armies of mercenaries with gold coins. To do this, he transports large caravans of gold. Those caravans are under attack by clones. A part of gold is lost on the battlefield; a part is hidden by Webman in hiding places. Clones' intelligence transmits information about the approximate locations of caches.

You can create your own detachment of treasure hunters from your own clones (clones of your account that have any weapons on). To enter a detachment of treasure hunters, a clone must resign from the Prince's Troops, security guards, gangs, bandit troops. Detachment size is limited to 10 clones. The number of detachments on the game account is not limited. During the day the detachment has the ability to find up to three caches (make 3 turns). Detachment leader must have an Energy indicator more than 0 and a Health indicator of at least 10 units to try to make the next turn. Between each turn, detachment must rest for 5 minutes.

As soon as the detachment of treasure hunters discovers a cache, they start to guard it. But the protected cache can be noticed by other clone’s detachments and it can be attacked by them. The guarding detachment must repel this attack in order to keep the cache. Otherwise, the cache passes to the attacker. The detachment can not attack the cache, guarded by detachment from the same account.

Thus protecting the cache, one detachment of treasure hunters must keep protecting the treasure within 24 hours. The counting of hours begins after the cache is taken by a group of treasure hunters. At the end of 24 hours, the found and held treasures are automatically delivered by a group of hunters to the bank and credited to the player’s game account (kalita).

The group of treasure hunters can be replenished with new fighters at any time, and at any time you can replace their weapons and ammunition. It is possible to dismiss a clone from a group or completely dissolve it not earlier than 24 hours after the last battle of the group. The group of treasure hunters (“Group A”), which was attacked by “Group B” and lost its cache, can counterattack “Group B” for 10 minutes (if they have free turns, the whole group has 3 turns a day). The winning group of treasure hunters collects up to 75% of ammunition from the battlefield (in gold and iron, separately) after each conducted battle. Gold replenishes the treasures that the group holds, iron is immediately distributed among the members of the winning group according to the following rules:

  • the members of the winning team who spend ammunition get back 75% of the iron that ammunition contains;
  • 75% of the iron contained in the amount of ammunition expended by the defeated party is distributed among the members of the winning team according to "weight", the "weight" is the amount of enemy health knocked out.

The amount of an iron in the distribution is rounded to two decimal places, and therefore there may be some losses in the distribution of iron.

Clones in the treasure hunters group cannot fight if they hungry. When participating in a battle, a clone consumes 10 units of Energy for each battle (both from the attacking side and from the defending side). If a clone does not have enough Energy, then he does not take part in the battle. Also, he does not take part in the battle if his Health indicator is below than 10 units and does not automatically recover before the battle. Energy consumption always takes place of clones participating in the battle from the attacking side, but for the clones from the defending side, it only takes place if the clone made at least one turn during the battle. Energy will be expended on the next day after the battle in the estimated time period.

In addition to hidden gold, members of treasure hunters can find the remains of great dragons - scales, claws and fangs. These remains can be used to create powerful artifacts. For more information, see "Business - Livestock - Dragons" game section.

If a clone of the treasure hunters group participates in any Tournament and at the time of the tournament battle a cache is attacked, then this clone does not participate in the cache protection, as he is engaged in the tournament.

During the fighting as part of the attacking group of treasure hunters clone earns characteristics:

  • Expertise in military affairs: for exact hit +6 units, for inaccurate +2 units;
  • Initiative: for participating in a fight +3 units, for winning a battle +6 units;
  • Bonus to Expertise in military affairs: depending on the weapon used (read below in the appropriate chapter).

If a clone has some battle rewards that allow you to get one or another bonus to the characteristics during the battle, but he consist in the defending detachment, this bonuses wouldn’t work. A clone that consists in the attacking detachment will fully receive a bonuses from rewards.

In order to shoot from a firearm a clone has to have combat cartridges (for firing from cannons and ships, it is necessary to have cannon balls). The production of combat cartridges and cannon balls is available at the Armory section, and the sale / purchase at the Trade Guild.

The clone’s combat perks will NOT work during a battle with an enemy as part of a detachment.

Protective leather clothing, which can be purchased at the Fair, will save fighters from bullets and shrapnel wounds, the degree of protection will be appropriate:

  • Leather vest reduces damage by 3-7%;
  • Leather jacket reduces damage by 7-13%;
  • Leather cloak reduces damage by 10-25%;
  • Samurai leather cloak reduces damage by 10-50%.
  • Leather cloak made of dragon scale reduces damage by 70-100%.

All weapons wear during battles:

  • each shot of combat cartridge reduces the durability of the weapon by 10 units;
  • each shot of cannon ball reduces the durability of the weapon by 10 units.

[править] "Bonus to Expertise in military affairs" Characteristic

Participating in battles in a detachment of treasure hunters, a clone earns the characteristic "Bonus to expertise in military affairs" for each conducted battle. This characteristic can be exchanged for Expertise of military affairs using kvass. Each bottle of kvass drunk by a clone in the Canteen will automatically exchanges 33 units of Bonus to Expertise in military affairs for 33 units of Expertise in military affairs.

The basic increase in the number of units of this characteristic of a clone depends on the weapon that the clone used in combat (see the table below):

Weapon type Bonus charge
Punches No bonus
Brass knuckles +1
Sharpener +2
Knife +3
Bayonet +4
Saber +5
Gun +6
Fusil +7
Musket +8
Carabine +9
Pistols +10
Yataghan +11
Katana Sword +13
Double-barrelled rifle +12
Triple-rifle +14
Sniper Rifle +15
Automatic Rifle АW 0614 +15
Howitzer +16
Regimental gun +18
Unicorn (elongated howitzer) +20
Brig +24
Corvette +27
Battleship +33

The clone will receive Bonus to Expertise in military affairs for each battle in the following size:

Bonus = (Basic value) x3

That is, a clone armed with a battleship will receive 33x3 = 99 units of the Bonus to Expertise in military affairs.

[править] Questions and answers

Question During the attack, I get the message "Failed to gather an army." What does this mean?
Answer This message means that in one of the parties (either defense or attack), none of the clone could not take part in the battle, and accordingly this battle was automatically lost by this party.

The reason may be either the negative Energy of clones in the detachment, or their Health indicator is below 10.