Strong safes of one size or another rely free of charge for residents who own securities. The size of the safes depends on the level of development of the character-rentier. Safes are placed in the real estate of rentiers, in administrative units (abbreviated: AU) and in Principalities and securely store the securities of their owners.

Thanks to the availability of the safes, rentiers have the opportunity to receive dividends with a specific quantity of securities. Dividends accrued daily on securities in safes are distributed to the Treasury of real estate, AU and principalities in accordance with the following rules.

One level of development of the real estate on game account supposes the Safe box sized for 5 securities; 1 point of technological level of AU on game account gives you the opportunity to have a Safe box for sized for 1 security; 1 point of technological level of the Principality on game account gives you the opportunity to have a Safe box sized for 1 security. Thus, a major rentier cannot be a player without the corresponding game assets (real estate, AU or principalities).

The number of safes on the player's account is recalculated 1 time per day. Thus, if during the day you have increased the total level of real estate, AU or principalities on your account, the new safes will be delivered to you immediately before the next dividend accrual.

[править] Calculation Examples

[править] Example 1

The player has a village on the account with the level of development = 413 points, 3 castles with the level = 50 points each and the Principality with the level of development = 3500 points. Thus, the number of securities that can fit in the safes will be: (413 x 1) + (3 x 50 x 5) + (3500 x 1) = 413 + 750 + 3500 = 4663.

[править] Example 2

Sum of all dividends on securities at the game account is 10 gold in a day, on account still there are 3 of the castle, 1 village and Principality (the total number of safes in them are 750 + 413 + 3500 = 4663), that is, the sum of dividends of 10 / 4663 = 0.0021 gold coins falls on 1 safe. So, in the Treasury of each of the castles comes 5 x 50 x 0,0021 = 0,525 gold coins; in the Treasury of the village comes 413 x 0,0021 = 0,8673 gold coins; in the Treasury of the Principality comes 3500 x 0,0021 = 7,35 gold coins.

The player's task is to ensure the safety of the Treasury for the current day with accessible gaming ways (hiring security guard, developing a social policy that does not allow to rob your real estate or settlement), until the Treasury will not be transported to the State Bank by collectors and credited to the game account.

What if the numbers of securities on the player’s account more than can accommodate the safes? For example, we have a safe for 957 securities, but we have 1000 securities. All dividends from 1000 securities fall into the safe in monetary equivalence, for example = 10 gold coins. The amount of dividends per 1 security is calculated regardless of their type: 10 / 1000 = 0.01 gold coins. But our safe accommodates a total of 957 securities. So, the amount of dividends is reduced to 0.01 x 957 = 9.57 gold coins. The rest of the dividends, namely 10 - 9,57 = 0,43 gold coins, falls on the securities do not fit in the safe, and is lost, as shows the corresponding entry in the safe: "Lost dividends on securities today: 0.43 gold coins! You need to increase the number of safes!"

The lost dividends on all safes entire the game are summed up and then sent to the appropriate reserves by analogy with the 44.5% tax for the sale of the securities on the Stock Exchange.

[править] Special case when trading securities on the Stock Exchange

Dividends are NOT charged on securities offered for sale on the Stock Exchange or reserved in trading orders for placement to sell, since such securities are on the Stock Exchange, not in safes. Accrual will resume as soon as the security will be sold or withdrawn from sale (or the order will be canceled).