A clone keeps his belongings, such as food and working items in his bag. Any items received, acquired or produced by the clone, including poultry, ends up in the clone's bag.

The table displays all objects and resources belonging to a clone. When you hover your cursor onto one of the column headings of the table, you can give a command to your clone to deliver all of his/her items/resources to the repository. Also, by hovering your cursor over any given amount of a particular resource or object, you can give your clone a command for a partial delivery of resources or objects to the repository.

Everything that is in the bag of a clone can be used only by that particular clone. If you want to send something to another clone, you will need to build a repository.

Attention! When the "Automatically Serve Food at the Canteen" function is activated , all the food coming into a clone's bag (for example, food bought at the Commodities Market), will be converted into work efficiency units at the canteen and can longer be returned back into the bag.

Attention! You can throw things and resources out of a bag, if they are no longer of any use. The operation is irreversible, so be careful.