The canteen is a centralized place for all clones, belonging to one account, where they receive meals.

Each product has an energy value - calculated in work efficiency unit (i.e. food containing work efficiency units required for certain work activities). The second column of the table displayed these values.

The third column displays the number of product types situated in your repository and bag.

The fourth column displays the available number of work efficiency units, which you can get by taking a certain product in your canteen.

Clones will automatically consume the required amount to guarantee efficient work activity, under the condition that food is available in the canteen (in the form of work efficiency units - there should always be a non-zero value in the "Total" column).

Detailed canteen work efficiency consumption statistics and the approximate time during which clones had sufficient work efficiency available in stock, can be found in the "Statistics" section.

You can tick "Save" if you would like to set up an automated food intake corresponding to any desired product. In this case, the bag of any given clone will be accessed automatically, after which products containing the required work efficiency units will be fully transferred and fed to the clone. Automatic feeding is also possible with partitional products. Automated feeding from the repository is impossible.

Extracting products from work efficiency units, found at the canteen, then returning it back into your bag or repository is impossible!

In the Restore work efficiency button, you can immediately increase work efficiency for the necessary clones. If required, even without waiting for the upcoming billing period.

[править] Kvass

[править] The main properties of kvass

If you drink a bottle of kvass before a fight, you will receive a bonus depending on what you choose: expertise of military affairs (+10 units) or military initiative (+2 units). You can drink from 1 to 3 bottles of kvass before each battle.

In addition, the properties of kvass can add one more unit of any available expertise to a clone (except for such expertise as "criminal authority", "Robber's Luck" or "luck"). The type of expertise is randomly selected.

Expertise, obtained in such a way, remains forever.

Do not forget, that the quantity of theory of military affairs (basic knowledge) of a clone is limited. For further details, visit the “Guard” and “Brigands' Den” help sections.

[править] Additional properties of kvass

By training on the Principality battle arena or participating in combat as part of the prince's retinue or the bandit army, the clone earns the "expertise in military affairs bonus" characteristic (more information on this characteristic can be found in the help section in the corresponding sections in the The Prince's retinue or Bandit army chapters. This characteristic can be exchange for theory on military affairs by drinking kvass. Each consumed bottle of kvass automatically exchanges the existing clone’s expertise on military affairs units bonus for expertise of military affairs units by a ratio of 1:1 (but not more than 33 units for each bottle).

In order to convert the "expertise of military affairs bonus", a clone has the possibility to drink an unlimited amount of kvass - as much as is necessary for the full conversion of his existing "bonus". The first three consumed bottles before any battle, provides 10 units of expertise on military affairs or 2 units of military initiative (depending on the player's choice, as previously mentioned). Up to 33 "Bonus" units may be converted into expertise on military affairs units, as well as give 1 unit of any available expertise to a clone. Subsequent bottles can only convert "bonus(es)".

If a clone is registered to participate in the Combat tournament, he has no right to drink an unlimited amount of kvass – to be precise, no more than 3 bottles before each tournament battle. Clone may convert "bonus(es)" to "expertise of military affairs" before his registration in tournament.