To get a job as a coach at the pigs’ racecourse is possible for a clone of social status of a townsman or higher.

To do this, you need to rent a sports arena at pigs’ racecourse. The rental price is 15 gold coins for 30 days. An attempt to extend the lease automatically will be implemented in 30 days. If the coach does not have 15 gold on the game account, he will be fired. At the same time, all the paid workouts to him will be carried out to the end. In a case of self-dismissal of a coach, the gold coins paid for renting of the sports arena will be not returned.

The coach pays 10% to the sports committee of the pigs’ racecourse’s Reserve and 10% to the state budget for each workout.

The coach can conduct group training of boars, while the maximum number of hours that he can spend on training per day is limited by the number of his own pigs (pigs in a pigsty belonging to other clones on the account are not counted) with a weight at least %hours_limit_own_pig_min_weight% kg. The number of hours of training is recalculated every day, with an interval of %sync_remain_hours_interval% hours after renting the arena.

Each new pig with a weight %hours_limit_own_pig_min_weight% kg and above in the property of the coach will give him 1 additional hour of training per day.

The cost of one hour of training is assigned by the coach. When buying hours of training, coaches with the minimum price of an hour of training are automatically selected first, if there are several coaches with the same price, they are selected randomly.

Even if the coach decides to dismiss or will be fired, the paid training will still be completed.