[править] Terms of Employment

Clones with the craftsman social status or higher may work at the Shipyard.

A working tool is needed for this job – a vat (for resin workers), an axe (for carpenters), a case of drawing instruments (for engineers), an abacus (for assistant managers), scales (for managers).

A clone can immediately take up a job of a resin worker, carpenter, engineer, assistant manager or manager, as long as he meets the specific requirements of his working position. Even if there are no vacancies for a specific position, and the clone’s characteristics are higher than those specified in the requirements, then he will be arranged for the position, and the clone that occupied it before him will be dismissed.

If the position provides the possibility of employment for clones of different social status, clones of a higher social status will be given preference.

A clone can combine two positions in a given enterprise – a basic position (e.g. resin worker) and a leading position (foreman resin worker). The positions of a foreman and senior engineer are occupied by employees of corresponding lower positions who have the highest amount of charisma. This kind of combination does not require any additional costs in work efficiency or tools, and the salary and experience obtained from both positions are summed up.

Working at an enterprise, a clone consumes one norm of work efficiency corresponding to his status. If a clone combines several jobs and lacks enough work efficiency units to perform his duties, then he will not cope with them and, therefore, will not receive his salary. If an employee cannot cope with his duties for three days in a row, he will be dismissed.

[править] Salary

The Salary of the Shipyard Workers is payed out daily at an estimated time (after 00:00 GMT) in two parts:

  • Regular Salary (fixed pay, separate for each working position)
  • Additional Bonus

In addition, clones will receive experience units daily, the amount of which depends on his working position.

The formation of the Shipyard’s bonus fund:

  • 10% of the price of the purchase of a voyage ship (in gold coins)

The Shipyard’s bonuses are paid out in eight parts at the end of each working day:

  • 20% of the fund is given out evenly to resin workers
  • 10% of the fund is given out evenly to foremen resin workers
  • 20% of the fund is given out evenly to carpenters
  • 10% of the fund is given out evenly to foremen carpenters
  • 10% of the fund is given out evenly to engineers
  • 10% of the fund is given out evenly to senior engineers
  • 10% of the fund is given out evenly to assistant managers
  • 10% of the fund is given out evenly to managers

[править] Number of Vacancies and Promotions

The number of vacancies for all working positions is limited: 802 resin workers, 80 foremen resin workers, 400 carpenters, 40 foremen carpenters, 50 engineers, 5 senior engineers, 3 assistant managers and 1 manager.

The opening of new vacancies does not occur automatically, but a clone can take a position by ousting a "weaker" employee, even if there are no vacancies at all (if his characteristics are higher than those specified in the requirements). Thus, an employee with low characteristics can be ousted from his position at any moment.

One or more of the already occupied vacancies may appear (if a clone resigns or is dismissed). If this happens during a working day, the free vacancies will be displayed at the enterprise.

To take up a higher position (of a foreman or a senior engineer), your clone needs to work at the corresponding lower positions and have a higher charisma than the worst employee occupying higher position.

If there are several equal candidates for a higher position, preference is given to the clone with a greater continuous experience at the enterprise.

The promotion of a clone from a lower to a higher position is performed at an estimated time, and in this case the "weak" employee will be transferred down from his higher position to a lower position. Moving a clone from one position to another (for example, from the position of resin worker to the position of a carpenter) is not performed automatically; First, you need to resign from one position and only after that you can take up your new position, abiding by the general rules.