Clones with the serf social status and higher can work at the Meat Processing Plant.

The required working tool for a clone is a butcher’s knife (for brigadiers), a quill (pen) and a padlock (for managers). No instruments are needed for cutters or butchers.

A clone may only occupy one working place at an enterprise.

There are two types of jobs at this enterprise: one includes a price-rate payment at the end of each assignment and one with a constant daily salary with bonuses.

[править] Completing Assignments

To perform tasks, a serf can get a job as a cutter at the Meat Processing Plant (for this he needs to have at least 1 unit of butcher’s expertise), and a clone with the craftsman status and higher who wants to work as a butcher (for this he needs to have at least 20 units of butcher’s expertise). Career growth within these working positions is not possible. The clone is assigned to the position upon receipt of the assignment and is dismissed immediately after their completion and receipt of his payment.

The number of assignments, that a clone can complete within 24 hours, is unlimited.

It takes 15 minutes for a cutter to complete an assignment and 1 hour for a butcher.

The work of a cutter can be combined with any other job at each enterprise on the Land of Clones.

The work of a butcher cannot be combined with work at other enterprises or institutions on the Land of Clones, except for work at the Embassy and the Principality’s military service.

No work efficiency units are needed for work as a butcher or cutter.

[править] Full Time Job

A clone with the social status of a craftsman and higher begins his full time career at the meat processing plant with the position of foreman, and, subject to the conditions, at the end of his working day can take the position of a manager. Details - in the sections below.

Attention! The work of a foreman and a manager can not be combined with work at other enterprises and institutions on the Land of the Clones, except at the Embassy and Principality military service. The employees of each position can not perform the tasks of other positions.

Working at the enterprise as a foreman or manager, a clone consumes one norm of working efficiency corresponding to his status. If he does not have enough work efficiency to fulfill his duties, then he will not cope with them and, as a result, will not receive his salary. If the employee does not cope with his duties for three days in a row, he will be dismissed.

[править] Salary

A cutter will receive 0,0001 gold coins for every completed assignment.

The salary of a butcher’s assignment is calculated according to his qualification, which depends on the number of butcher’s expertise units that he has:

Butcher’s Qualification Required amount of butcher’s expertise units required to receive his qualification A Butcher’s Award for every completed Assignment
Student 20 0,0005
Apprentice 100 0,001
Master 200 0,002
Virtuoso 300 0,003

A foreman’s and manager’s salary at the Meat Processing Plant is payed out daily at an estimated time (after 00:00 GMT) in two parts:

  • Regular Salary (fixed pay, separate for each position)
  • Additional Bonus

The greater the number of butcher’s expertise that a clone has - the higher the bonus he will receive. If a clone has 0 of expertise or their number is not sufficient to receive a minimum bonus (0.0001), then the clone will not receive a bonus that day.

You may receive Butcher’s expertise by exchanging experience, reasonableness or charisma units at the University.

Also, a clone working as a foreman or manager will receive units of experience on a daily basis, the number of which depends on the position he occupies.

The formation of the Meat Processing Plant’s bonus fund:

  • 30% - from the pay received for animal butchering into meat at the Meat Processing Plant

Funds for payouts to employees occupying various working positions are formed from this Found:

  • 10% of the fund – arrives instantly to the cutters’ assignment payout funds
  • 30% of the fund – arrives instantly to the butchers’ assignment payout funds
  • 30% of the fund - is paid out at the end of the day to foremen directly proportionally to their butcher’s expertise units
  • 30% of the fund – is paid out at the end of the day to managers directly proportionally to their butcher’s expertise units

If the cutters’ or butchers’ fund runs out of funds, then no more tasks will be assigned for these working positions until funds arrive at their fund.

[править] Number of Vacancies and Promotions

The number of vacancies for the position of a foreman is unlimited.

The opening of a new vacancy in manager's positions can occur at an estimated time with an increase in the number of employees in accordance with the following proportion: there is 1 manager for 10 foremen.

The number of vacancies for all other jobs is limited: 1000 cutters and 1000 butchers. New vacancies do not appear automatically.

Also, one or more of the already occupied places (if the clone resigns or is dismissed) may be freed. If this happens during the working day, the free vacancies will be displayed at the enterprise.

In case of an insufficient number of subordinate employees to maintain this position - the vacancy will be closed at an estimated time (with transfer to a lower vacancy of an employee with the minimum amount of expertise).

To take the manager's position, your clone needs to meet the requirements for this position (to have the appropriate status), and also to dispose of an amount of butcher’s expertise units superior to those of the worst manager. Then, at the end of the working day, you will take up this position, and the clone that occupied it before you will be shifted to a step lower. Please note that the promotion can even occur when the clone lacks the necessary tools needed to work in a higher position. In this case, the clone will be promoted, but due to the absence of the instrument, he will not be able to perform his duties and will receive the corresponding reprimand.

If your clone took up the position of a manager, then at an estimated time a clone with a higher amount of butcher’s expertise can oust him out and replace him.