[править] Employment terms

Working in the Trade Guild is possible for clones of the social status of a burgess and higher.

The required working tool for a clone is a quill (pen).

Working at the enterprise, a clone consumes 1 work efficiency norm, corresponding to his status. If a clone combines several jobs, and he has an insufficient amount of work efficiency units left to meet his/her obligations, he will then not be able to cope with them and therefore will not receive his salary. If the employee does not perform his/her duties for three days, he will be fired.

[править] Salary Size

The Trade Guild worker's salary is paid out daily within an estimated time period (after 00:00 GMT). The more points of merchant’s authority have a clone, the higher his salary.

Each full 10 gold coins, received or spent in trading operations in the Trade Guild (except for the Currency Market), gives 1 point of the merchant’s authority to a clone. Points are accumulating continuously. Recalculation of merchant’s authority points occurs 1 time per day within an estimated time period (after 00:00 GMT).

Also, your clone will be awarded experience points on a daily basis, the number of which depend on the clone's position.

The formation of the Trade Guild's bonus fund:

  • 5% of the profits of the Trade Guild

The Trade Guild bonuses are paid out in three parts at the end of each working day:

  • 50% of the fund - to brokers directly proportionally to the amount of merchant’s authority
  • 40% of the fund - to administrators directly proportionally to the amount of merchant’s authority
  • 10% of the fund - to managers directly proportionally to the amount of merchant’s authority

[править] The Number of Vacancies and Promotions

The number of available vacancies for brokers is not limited.

The opening of a new vacancy in higher positions can occur at an estimated time with an increase in the number of employees in accordance with the following proportion: there is 1 manager for 20 administrators; 1 administrator for 10 brokers.

If, within the working day, 1 or more vacancies are freed (if a clone resigns / is fired), then the free vacancy will be displayed at the enterprise.

In case of an insufficient number of subordinate employees to maintain this position - the vacancy will be closed at an estimated time (with transfer to a lower vacancy of an employee with the minimum amount of expertise).

In order to take up a higher position, your clone needs to meet the requirements of the position (to dispose of the appropriate status), and have an expertise level of merchant’s authority higher than that of the worst employee of the highest position. Then, at the end of the working day, you will take the position that was previously occupied by a clone who in his turn, will be shifted to a lower position. Note that a promotion may even take place when a clone has no working tool that is required for work in a higher position. In this case, the clone will be promoted to a higher position, but due to the lack of the required tool, he will not be able to fulfill his responsibilities, so he will receive the appropriate reprimand.

With an equal number of points of merchant’s authority, priority is given to a clone with a higher social status. In the case of equal status, the priority is given to the clone with the greatest continuous work experience at the given enterprise.