History has proven that in any society, certain groups of people with similar social status emerge - various strata, classes, social layers, castes or groups of people who may be classified by specific criteria.

Our government, constantly evolving as a social structure, is built on the principles of a social contract, as Jean Jacques Rousseau himself once put and is founded on the basis of Alfred Marshall's neoclassical economic theory. Day after day, we observe the self-regulating mechanisms of our society perfecting itself, and everyone has the chance to play an active role in its development.

Social Status - this constitutes an individual's position in a hierarchically organized society, defined by his/her complete set of distinctive features (economic, education, skills, ...). Social status is defined by one's financial income size, education level, power, level of consumerism and type of labor practiced. The higher the status, the wider the range of activities available and the more diverse are the potential income sources, privileges and responsibilities and finally, the ability to influence various social processes.

The most important characteristic of a dynamic society is social mobility - an individual moving places within the social structure, that is, the change of social status. It is precisely the vector of self-development and the building of personal capacity of a given individual, that makes the entire society a complete strong, live mechanism.

Your clone, in the Age of Clones, can rise from the very "bottom" of our society to the top of Mount Olympus - to take the rough road of a serf all the way up to the position of an emperor, and with each step forward to get more and more opportunities to influence other people and the entire State. Being the owner of your character, you can significantly speed up the process and help your clone through his evolution by adding the missing amount to the player's account.

[править] Work Efficiency in Clones

Becoming a full-right citizen of the World of Clones after receiving the Craftsman status, your character will need daily meals. He will be using up the "Work Efficiency" characteristic, at the rate of 1 daily consumption norm of work efficiency per day. 1 unit of "Work Efficiency" is consumed daily.

A clone receives 1 unit of work efficiency at the moment of his transition to a Craftsman.

If a clone finds a job in a state-owned enterprise, he will be consuming another unit per day. When combining several jobs, he will consume an additional unit at each enterprise. For instance, if a clone is working at 2 state-owned enterprises, he will spend 3 work efficiency units daily.

If a clone decides to work for a private enterprise, he/she will spend an additional 0.5 units of work efficiency, which makes a total consumption of 1.5 units per day.

The work efficiency of a clone may be negative, positive or equal to 0. If you do not make up for the work efficiency that you burnt, then your work efficiency consumption rate indicator will fall below 0, because of the mandatory daily consumption of 1 unit . This is not terrible, but imposes certain restrictions on your clone's activity. For example, with a negative work efficiency, a clone will not be able to sell gold in order to withdraw Cloneros at the Currency Market. Besides, he/she will be reprimanded at work for characteristics deficiency, instead of tranquilly completing his working shift. If the necessary supply of food is available at the canteen, then the work efficiency is replenished to the required quantity there and as a result will be equal to 0.

The work efficiency level may be increased in the following ways:

  • by being served food at the Canteen (food for clones may be purchased at the "Commodities Market", obtained from animals or grown on fields). This method allows all clones, belonging to your account, to maintain their work efficiency level (the canteen is common to all the clones belonging to your account).
  • the acquisition of various work efficiency rings at the Fair. On a daily basis, they increase work efficiency only in clones who wear this type of ring. Only a clone whose current work efficiency indicator is not less than 0 can wear the work efficiency ring. If a clone puts on a work efficiency ring, and then for some reason his work efficiency indicator has become less than 0, the work efficiency rings will be automatically removed from all clones of this game account and placed in their bags.
  • by a clone settling into a house, where the residence may either be owned or rented. In this case, the number of daily restorable work efficiency units will depend on how developed the place of residence is - the higher it is, the greater the restoration (from 1% from your daily consumption will be restored while staying in a house and up to 50% of it restored for staying at a castle; in general terms, each development level of your house allows you to restore 1% of the daily work efficiency consumption norm).
  • accommodation in the Principality, transformed into the Megalithic era (the Principality which developed the Hospital until at least level 6). If you stay (rent or move into your own home) in the territory of such Principality is further restored 5% of the daily work efficiency consumption norm.
  • by wearing clothes. Clothing made of linum also helps clones in recovering their work efficiency. The more a clone is decently dressed, the higher the amount of work efficiency he will obtain - from 20% of the daily norm will be recovered in the clothing of a craftsman and up to 50% of the daily norm will be recovered in the clothes of an emperor.

At some enterprises, work efficiency expenditure norms are specified separately. For example, work at a jewelry factory demands an additional working efficiency unit. Work on the construction of a new Principality requires 1 unit a day, whereas at construction sites of an already existing Principality (long-term sites) - 1.5 units are required at each site (or 1 unit each, if the clone resides in a house that is situated on the territory of that particular principality).

[править] Attention!

Remember, a hungry clone (with an Energy score below 0) can't focus on things and is therefore completely limited in his actions. Such a clone is only allowed to buy gold coins at the Currency market, as well as food at the Commodities market at the Trade Guild. Any other actions by him (or by other clones from the same game account, even if their Energy score is higher than 0) are not allowed.

[править] Additional State Welfare for Young Clones

The State provides financial support for clones who are in the very beginning of their life path in our virtual world. An additional daily social benefit has been created that is to be paid in gold coins to clones who will meet certain requirements. These conditions are set by the government, and at the moment they are as follows:

  • for clones with the "Craftsman" status, aged under 100 days, 0.02 gold coins is granted daily.
  • for clones with the "Peasant" status, aged under 120 days, 0.05 gold coins is granted daily.
  • for clones with the "Burgess" status, aged under 150 days, 0.16 gold coins is granted daily.