[править] Employment terms & Dismissal

Working at the enterprises of administrative units (abbreviated - AU) is possible for clones of the social status of a craftsman and higher. Working at the mill is possible for clones of social status of peasant and higher.

In order to get a job at the private enterprise you must first settle in your own house or rent a house in the territory of that AU, where you want to arrange a clone for work.

The required working tool for a clone is different for each position. It can be purchased from the Tool Store (at the Trade menu section):

Enterprise Required working tool
Sawmill Hand-plane
Stone pit Sledgehammer
Mill Scythe
Mine Minner’s hack

The wage at the enterprises can be given in two ways: in gold coins, as well as in the resources, so pay attention to it. The salary is indicated in gold only if the resource at the enterprise is regularly purchased by the owner (automatically or manually). If the owner does not purchase the resource, then the salary is indicated as 0. If the column "Expected salary" is "?", it means that there is no confidence in the level of wages, as there is a reduction of vacancies at the enterprise.

When viewing vacancies, on the employment page, you can specify the search parameters: a desired position, a certain principality and administrative located on its territory, the availability of places for a rent. You can see additional information, by clicking on a title of a position.

A job at a private enterprise cannot be combined with any other job at a state or private enterprise, with several exceptions: construction of facilities, work as a trainer at the pig’s racecourse or journalistic activities at the newspaper. Work at a private enterprise can be combined with the occupation of one's own business, security activity.

You can not work at several enterprises in one AU or in different ones. Clone can get a job at new enterprise only after 24 hours after the last salary payment.

Please note that the owner of an enterprise can dismiss any of the employees at any time. Also, he can completely prohibit the hiring of employees on his enterprise.

Note! Working at a private enterprise, a clone consumes 0.5 of work efficiency per day regardless of its social status (in addition to daily consumption of 1 work efficiency norm). If a clone doesn’t have an insufficient amount of work efficiency units left to meet his/her obligations, he/she will immediately be dismissed from the enterprise.

If the owner of the AU has not purchased the products produced by the workers, or bought only a part of it, there will be an automatic reduction of workplaces at the enterprise by 10% with rounding up, at the next day.

In such a case of reduction of employed workplaces, a "shirk" employees get under the reduction at the first place (the ones who were on a cruise), then - a workers with the minimum amount of relevant expertise:

Enterprise Expertise
Sawmill Forestry expertise
Stone pit Mining expertise
Mill Agrarian expertise
Mine Ore mining expertise

[править] Salary

Each worker produces 1 unit of one or another product at the manufacturing enterprises. At the end of the working day, the owner of the administrative unit can purchase the products produced at the enterprise, by any price, but not lower than the nominal value (wood = 0.02 gold coins, stone = 0.02 gold coins, metal = 0.2, cereals = 0.04).

In the case of a full purchase of products, each worker will receive 50% of the cost of the purchasing of 1 unit produced at this enterprise.

If all the products remain at the enterprise at the end of the day, some of it will be given out to employees as a wage, and the residual amount will be lost. In this case, each worker will receive either 0.35 units of stone, or 0.35 units of wood, or 0.23 units of cereals, or 0.43 iron units, depending on which of the enterprises he is working at.

The owner has the right to purchase only a part of the produced products. In this case, workers will receive a proportional part of the wage in gold coins, and another part in the form of resources produced at the enterprise.

Attention! Unlike at state-owned enterprises, at private enterprises the availability and size of any expertise does not affect the level of wages.

The procedure of calculating wages at private enterprises: the clone receives payment for shifted labour with a delay of 1 day, since after the production of the resource, the owner of the enterprise has 24 hours to purchase it, and the salary is paid upon purchase/non-purchase of products. At the same time, no spent shift is lost. A clone will receive his/her last payment the day after the dismissal.

Attention! If an employee of an enterprise goes on a cruise to distant lands, then, of course, he will miss work at the enterprise, will not receive a wage, will not produce any resources and won’t use working tools or spend his work efficiency.

In addition to wages, the mill worker receives 6 units of experience per day. Employees of other enterprises receive 4 experience units per day.