When placing a lot at the Dragon's Fair, the seller is charged a Commission of 0.5% of the specified price. When removing the lot, the Commission is not returned. A clone that purchases animals (as well as other clones on this game account) must have an Energy indicator not less than 0.

Upon the transaction, the seller is charged a Commission of 40% of the sell price.

The minimum cost of the dragon offered for sale, in gold coins, cannot be lower than the value of the "Intuition" characteristic of this dragon. For example, if the Intuition value is 190, the minimum price of the animal can not be lower than 190 gold coins.

At the end of each working day, the State Farm pays the withheld commissions to the following reserves:

  • 5% - to the Social Reserves of the Land of Clones
  • 5% - to the Reserves of Wonder of the World “Giant Sunflower”
  • 5% - to the Reserves of Wonder of the World “Great Ear”
  • 10% - to the Amber Mine's Securities Reserves
  • 5% - to the State Bank’s Securities Reserves

Immediately after the placing of animal, as well as after it produces of products (once a day), the lot becomes unavailable for sell for a random period of time (from 5 to 30 minutes).

While they are on the State Farm, the cattle continue to eat and produce products as usual.

Any clone with the Intention at least 500 units, and the Energy is not below 0, can buy a dragon. For the maintenance of the dragon, amber cave in the Principality or in the Castle required.

Details about the life of dragons can be found in the "Dragons" Help section.